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Report text adalah jenis teks yang mendeskripsikan atau menggambarkan bentuk, ciri atau sifat umum (general) benda, hewan, tumbuh-tumbuhan,  manusia atau peristiwa.

*Ciri-ciri report teks :

-menerangkan general nouns sebagai subjeknya. Misalnya birds, komodoes, orchids menggunakan simple present tense (jika belum punah),

-tidak perlu time sequence words / tidak perlu urut, menggunakan relating verbs (is, are, has, have), dan menggunakan istilah teknis khusus, misalnya tree (pohon): stem, root, branch.

*Bagian-bagian report teks:
1. General Classification : Menceritakan apa fenomena sedang dibicarakan.
2. Description: Menceritakan apa fenomena yang didiskusikanadalah seperti dalam  hal :         - Bagian dan fungsi mereka


-Kebiasaan atau perilaku

*Tujuan report teks ini ialah memberikan informasi atau gambaran tentang ciri-ciri umum benda, hewan, tumbuhan, atau manusia.

*Contoh Text Report :

Kangaroo, the Australian Identity

The first kangaroos in Australia lived in the forest. They ate only insects and were about the size of large rats. They developed from type of possum that came down from the trees to search for food on the forest floor. Today the kangaroos are much bigger than the ancient kangaroos. The smallest kangaroos weigh 500 gram.
There are many types of small kangaroos in Australia although most people only see and hear the big ones. A lot of the smaller kangaroos, such as burrowing and brush-tailed bettongs, are in danger of extinction. The sheep, cattle and rabbits eat their food and the tall grasses the use to shelter from predator like foxes and feral cats.
The kangaroos’ hop is very unusual. It is different from the jump of a large animal. If you try to hop up the street like a kangaroo, you will get tired quickly. A kangaroo can jump 65 km/h. It has hind legs that can store a lot of energy when it hops. Its stomach pumps air in and out of their lungs and saves their muscles a lot of work.
Kangaroos are marsupials. They rear their young in a pouch-like koalas and wombats. In a good condition the females of some kangaroos (for example, the red) are almost always pregnant. A day or two after the joey is born she mates again. A female kangaroo can produce different milk from different teats for the older and younger joeys.

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